The Process

2-8 October 2016: Satori Process

A Self-Inquiry Retreat in Holland guided by Clare Soloway

"I am inviting you to join me for six transformative days, to allow yourselves to be touched in your innermost core, and to take this opportunity to step forward fearlessly, with joy and gratitude, into the wonderful celebration of this blessed gift – Your Life." – Clare Soloway

The experience of a Satori is a revelation of a deep and profound truth. It alters our perspective in a way that we learn something which is never forgotten. The actual experience goes, but the truth of what we have learnt stays with us and changes our perspectives. You will never be the same again!

Group Structure

Each person is given a specific life question to focus on, starting with the most fundamental question of all “WHO AM I?”. Participants then work with partners to enable them to focus and explore the question, changing partners regularly and working with many other members of the group throughout each day.
There is a very solid structure to support the journey of exploring both the question itself and to enable each person to become increasingly aware of repetitive and limiting life patterns that are a part of our subconscious behavior. These have developed out of early life conditioning that has become so engrained that we are unaware of how deeply we are still influenced by this.
You will be mentored throughout by Clare who talks regularly to the whole group and also works individually with each person in regular private meetings throughout the week.
The outcome is twofold: An increasing awareness of patterns that hold us back in all aspects of our life and a very powerful experience which can emerge from this, a realization of who we are - a Satori experience.
With all the questions, the moment of experiencing a Satori is one in which we see ourselves, the whole of life, with an intense clarity, a moment when our conditioning drops away and we see without the judgements we have carried throughout our lives. We simply see what IS...
A moment of THIS IS IT!
You can read more about the Satori Process in this interview with Clare on her website

Who is the Satori Process for?

Satori Process is a powerful and life-changing intensive for people of all backgrounds, ages, interests and levels of well-being who wish to explore themselves on the deepest level in a group setting. It is beneficial for people who seek more clarity on specific issues relating to career, relationship and family as well as for those wishing to develop a greater and more self-nurturing understanding of themselves.
Previous participants included amongst others yoga teachers, health and mental health professionals, politicians, business-leaders, writers, artists, musicians, teachers, parents, life explorers.
You can read Rafael's personal account of his first Satori Process on his website

Process structure

  • 5-day silent residential retreat
  • Individual interviews with Clare Soloway

Exercises and practices

  • Communication exercises in dyads
  • Guidance talks
  • Walking and eating meditations
  • Guided mindful movements
  • Reflection and journaling
  • Daily chores (karma work)