16 - 23 May 2015
Yoga Detox Retreat at In Sabina, near Rome, Italy

Kyra and Claudia come up with the idea of this Yoga Detox Retreat, many years ago. They met at Yoga Moves in Utrecht, where they were both teaching regular yoga classes. Their common passion for yoga, travels, and food brought them repeatedly together to share ideas on how to effectively combine yoga, nutrition and a positive lifestyle, to promote health and joy in life. In the end, they came to the conclusion that a week retreat in the beautiful Sabina region would be the perfect settings to share their experience on the subject and to inspire you to practice right food and right exercise!

Hayley was first introduced to Claudia and Kyra when she worked as resident chef at In Sabina Retreat Centre in Italy. She prepared the meals twice for their annual detox retreats and immediately felt a kinship with them within the yoga world. She shared their approach and philosophy around food/nutrition and its relationship with yoga practice.

This year, while Kyra is taking care of mothering her little baby and moving on to other food related ventures, Hayley will return to In Sabina with Claudia to collaborate on this retreat. Claudia will be guiding the detox process and the yoga practices, while Hayley collaborate with Linda Vincent (the In Sabina resident chef) to create a menu designed to support a gentle entry into and transition from a detox/cleansing programme.

During the week Hayley will also be available for one to one sessions where anything from advice on transitioning to a 'cleaner' diet, cooking tips and recipe ideas, food habits and cravings can be discussed. Hayley will also host lectures around the basics of cleansing, nutrition and eating clean, guide meditations to enhance food consciousness and be on hand for any questions or discussion.

Claudia Pradella

Claudia discovered the world of ‘conscious living’ while working in London, UK, in the mid ‘90s. Having studied a variety of disciplines from personal coaching, vipassana meditation, thai massage, biodanza and many more, her affinity and interest in Eastern philosophy, reinforced by several journeys through Asia, led her to a deeper connection to the Yoga tradition. Combining her passion for travels and yoga, Claudia invested in several years of personal practice, a few teacher trainings and various studies with great teachers and masters from different traditions, like Sri K Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar.

Today Claudia is a fully committed student in the Astanga Vinyasa tradition, with a deep passion for the psychology of the yoga of Patanjali and with a strong believe in the benefits of an individual and balanced approach to yoga. She continues to travel every year to her teachers and mentors - Lino Miele and Sarah & Ty Powers, who she deeply admire and appreciate.

Since 2003 she’s been living and teaching regular yoga classes at Yoga Moves in Utrecht and in 2010 has opened Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam, the very first dedicated ashtanga school in the Netherlands! She's now program director at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam, where she holds the Astanga Mysore Program with full joy and dedication.

Hayley North

Hayley has a rich background in yoga, dance/movement, food and nutrition alongside working for almost 30 years in the catering industry. She has embraced a personal journey studying and exploring the world of cooking - with food as a foundation for optimum health; influenced by natural nutrition, Taoist and Ayurvedic approaches and raw/living foods.

Her journey cooking for retreats began at In Sabina, after attending retreats there over a 10 year period with her yoga teacher. After experiencing the tangible affects of food on yoga practice and ultimately on our consciousness, she felt drawn to explore the relationship between food and yoga deeper and began cooking for retreats, leading to specialising in retreat catering for the next 7 years. During that period Hayley has cooked for over 100 retreats worldwide with healthy holiday companies and retreat centres.

Hayley has used this platform to develop an approach to cooking she calls The Holistic Kitchen, where the entire spectrum of 'field to plate' and beyond is considered. She is now focusing on providing holistic cooking education - through one one one coaching, courses, workshops and retreats.

Kyra de Vreeze

Kyra was born on the sunny island of Curacao but was raised in The Netherlands and has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Portugal, Thailand and Australia. She is a certified naturopath, nutritional expert and (vinyasa) yoga teacher who organizes inspirational lectures and workshops about food and lifestyle and provides tailor-made advise for companies who are open to conscious lifestyles. She furthermore writes articles for magazines, newspapers, internet sites and has authored three books about food and lifestyle, published in the Netherlands.

Her love of travel made her decide to take her educational project across the border and she now journeys from city to countryside, mainly throughout Europe, to share some of her knowledge and experience about food and yoga. Yoga is her way to connect with whatever is present and helps her to live life with joy, depth and integrity. Kyra is an activist for health & happiness, a practical idealist with the ability to realize dreams and ideas. The main thread? Food, health and a conscious yet fun and fresh lifestyle.

As family has been recently added to Kyra's lifestyle priorities, she won't be with us this year. Not in person, but surely in spirit =) Please have a look at www.kyradevreeze.nl to find out more about Kyra.