2-8 October 2016: Satori Process

A Self-Inquiry Retreat in Holland guided by Clare Soloway

Clare Soloway

Clare Soloway has been a psychotherapist, group leader and an explorer of the uniqueness and the mystery of human beings for over 40 years. She trained in the United States and then returned to England in 1970 where she co-founded the first centre for Humanistic Psychology in Europe, Quaesitor. She was trained as a Gestalt and Bio-Energetics Psychotherapist and as a Group Therapist; her teachers being amongst the pioneers of the early days of Humanistic Psychology.
Clare has traveled all over the world leading groups and trainings. In the seventies she lived in India in the Rajneesh Ashram and returned to England to establish a major commune in Suffolk and London, Medina, where more than 200 people lived and worked. Since leaving the Rajneesh movement in 1984, she has been in private psychotherapy practice and has continued to run groups around the world.
For six years she worked in the area of HIV and AIDS which she considers to be among the most profound and humbling experiences of her life, working with people who faced some of the greatest challenges that life can bring, often with immense courage and determination to live every moment until the very end. For a number of years she has taught psychotherapy to degree level as well as clinical supervision for graduate therapists.
Clare has an enormous respect for the lifelong journey of discovery and learning which each human being is part of and continues to live her own life with a joy for adventure and the fun of taking the next jump into the unknown.

An invitation from Clare

This is the first Satori group I have run in Holland. Many years ago I facilitated a series of other groups in Amsterdam and was so impressed with the openness and receptivity of the Dutch people, the willingness to look deeply at themselves, that I always felt I would like to return and work in Holland again.
Since that time I have refined the Satori process and now feel it is one of the most potent groups available for people who are seeking consciousness and awakening. I am very happy to be returning to Holland and to offer this very powerful process there. Iā€™m also delighted that Marilou and Claudia are administering the group details and have found a suitable venue for the group.
The Satori itself, the direct experience of truth, will happen anywhere, no matter where the group is located. But the venue, the setting, is also a container as is the enormous understanding and experience that the leader brings and also the support of each participant for each other ā€“ in this rich alchemy we shall embark on - a journey of the soul.
This process has been developed so that, alongside the pursuit of a Satori, participants are enabled to see clearly where they are holding themselves back and how destructive old unconscious patterns are. Seeing this opens up new possibilities and creativity ā€“ the group acting as a microcosm in which we can reassess and see our truly limitless potential.
I am warmly invite you to join me for a very special and unique week in Holland.

To find out more about Clare, please check www.claresoloway.com .