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16 - 23 May 2015
Yoga Detox Retreat at In Sabina, near Rome, Italy

A complete and guided detox program in Italy

The Sabina region, near Rome, Italy

About 40 kilometres east of Rome the Sabina region extends from the banks of the river Tiber towards the Sabini Mountains, part of the Apennine chain of mountains which runs the length of Italy. The landscape is one of rolling, olive tree covered foothills, rising to steeper, forested mountainsides, scattered with medieval hill towns, castles and monasteries, a landscape that has remained unchanged for centuries and largely untouched by modern development.

The Sabina has been inhabited and cultivated for thousands of years since prehistoric times (60.000-30.000 B.C.)! Archaeological remains show that the area was used in Roman times to produce food for the capital further down river. Writing dated the 1st century BC, describes the landscape of the Sabina as one of olive groves, vineyards and extensive oak woods and it is amazing how well this description still applies today. Although the landscape has been strongly influenced, even created, by the activities of human beings, it has been a centuries long process, during which agricultural practices have remained constant, achieving a natural equilibrium.

he foothills of the Sabina face south and are protected in winter from north winds by the mountains behind them, making the area significantly warmer than others, further inland. The hilltop sites escape the thick fogs which form in the Tiber valley during winter and remain well ventilated and cool in summer.

There are no major roads in the area and the remoteness of the higher mountain and hilltop villages have contributed to their depopulation in recent years, when people have moved into the valley bottoms to be closer to road and rail links, including those who commute into Rome to work. This has left the medieval centres unspoilt and intact in their original beauty.

The Sabina region has a rich culinary heritage, and has been famous since ancient times for the quality of its food and drink, in particular its olive oil, one of the best in the world.

Less than an hour from Rome, this region also offers a perfect combination for a visit to Rome with its bustling life and historical magnificence, together with a restful retreat into the timeless beauty of the countryside.


In Sabina

With its spectacular views and magical setting, In Sabina lies in the midst of the Italian countryside less than an hour from Rome. The grounds are lush and abundant, with a natural spring, gardens, pond and a swimming pool. The property is peaceful, rustic and ideal for spiritual practice.

The property comprises of two beautifully restored 17th century stone buildings overlooking olive groves and fruit trees. The charming medieval village of Torri in Sabina nestles in the hills nearby. The rooms inside are simple and natural, creating an environment which is calm, comfortable and ideal for a meditative practice.

Some rooms have ensuite facilities and some share a bathroom. We always do our best to accommodate the group in the most fair way, as we offer all rooms at the same price. Generally this means that ensuite rooms share 3 people, while the other rooms have 2 people each. However sometimes it simply is not possible to accommodate all preferences. Please understand this.

The area is rich in sites of historic and natural beauty. Walks, excursions to hot sulphur springs, medieval sites and the surrounding villages are abundant, should you like to explore the area during your free time. Therapeutic massages and healing treatments are also available at extra costs with the resident masseur of In Sabina.

An indoor yoga room and an outdoor yoga deck - with magnificent views of the valley - will be used for practices, depending on the weather and the program.

3 detox meals will be offered every day - fresh vegetarian food, enriched with a traditional italian flavor, making use as much as possible of the organic fruit and greens in season and grown on the property ground itself! There will also be snacks and/or juices every day in between meals.

Please see www.insabina.com for a visual tour of In Sabina.