Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training - 200 hours

De Yoga Studio
21 february - 21 november 2015: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Our commitment is to create authentic practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga, giving you the experiential understanding of all aspects of this practice, together with the necessary tools to effectively pass it on to others.
Under the mentoring program, you will be individually guided by Claudia or Francis through the challenges and rewards of your own growing practice, as well as supported in your development as a yoga teacher.


  • In-depth Personal Practice
  • Primary and Intemediate Series
  • Breath, Bandhas, precise Vinyasas and Drishti
  • Ashtanga-specific Alignment
  • Yoga Philosophy (Patanjali Yoga Sutras)
  • Yogic Diet and Lifestyle
  • Sanskrit Foundation and Chanting
  • Physical and Yogic Anatomy
  • Breathing and Pranayamas
  • Hands-on Adjustments
  • Mentoring program