Requirements & application

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training - 200 hours

De Yoga Studio
21 february - 21 november 2015: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Students must have a solid and regular practice of Ashtanga/Power yoga (min 6 months) to apply for this program.
Some knowledge and practice of the full Ashtanga Primary Series prior to the beginning of the course are also required (this means that you must have practiced the series in full a few times prior to the beginning of the course).
The course will be bilingual, with some parts in Dutch and some in English (and so is the material); understanding of both languages is therefore necessary.

This is an intensive course and you will be required to dedicate 1-2 hours per day to yoga practice and study, throughout the whole duration of the course. You will also be asked to observe and to teach beginners classes during the course.
Prior to the beginning of the program, you will also be requested to do some preparatory homework, which will include reading 2 books and submitting 1 (short) book report.


To apply for the Ashtanga Intensive Training, please request the program brochure with the application form via email to:, or call Fieke on workdays (mon-wed-fri) on 040-2932999.

Once you have filled in and signed the application form, you can send it to the following addres:

De Yoga Studio
t.a.v. Ashtanga Intensive Training
Hessen Kasselstraat 4
5615 SM Eindhoven

Applications are treated on a first come, first served basis. Your personal information will be handled with care and in compliance with current data privacy regulations.

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