GaiaTree Yoga
Teacher Training Retreat
29 luglio - 20 agosto 2009:
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Your tree, your life...

We are living in an extraordinary time. On the one hand, we have access to teachings of many spiritual traditions like never before. On the other hand, we do not really take advantage of it - our mind is busier than ever, and we keep on postponing the inner journey, being worried about daily trivialities.

To retreat means to withdraw back from that surface, and commit some time for contemplation, to recognize the inner teacher, and to re-balance our energies. Refreshed and regained, our flow of life can find a new pace and direction, our vision can get more clarity, and our true dreams can become our reality.

Your first task is to recognize your Tree – a metaphor of flow of life. What are your roots? Where the energy flows? What makes you grow? What makes you stagnate? How do you stretch beyond your limitations? What are you growing toward? What are your fruits?

You ask yourself occasionally those questions, but the swift of mundane obligations and occupations quickly shift your attention to the surface – what ever your surface is. But the nature of any surface is that it will sooner or later have cracks and pains…caused by deeper weaves of hidden energy, constantly pulsating within. On one hand, you are longing for fulfilment, happiness and peace (which are your birth rights), on the other hand, you experience suffering (your own or others) which seems like an endless wheal turning and spinning. You even accept that this is how the world matrix is, and you comfort, but also limit, your self with occasional sparkles of happiness…

However, ancient scriptures as well as enlightened beings have been telling us that there is more. More than our habitual and conditioned mind can grasp. To realize that, you will have to go beyond the surface. Sometimes by jumping into that crack and pain, but that is not the only way. There are many ways. One, the golden one, is Yoga. Are you ready for that journey?

“Suffering is related to ignorance. And ignorance is present because of forgetfulness.”

Yoga is the art of remembrance. It gives so many tools to remember your own consciousness – layer by layer. By remembering your true essence, you are becoming a master of your body, your mind and your life. Your energy is so charged, that you even have the ability to move and improve other people’s lives. You become aware of your consciousness, which is greater than the feeling of I and mine. And you move gracefully into the reality you create.

GaiaTree Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

To remember (all your potential, your whole consciousness), you need discipline, patience, time and effort. By engaging yourself in Yoga completely – with your body, mind, heart and spirit – your awareness will shift toward the inner truth and touch the peaceful and graceful flow of life. Your Tree – a metaphor of life - will be more conscious and alive.

Gaia is a Greek Goddess of Earth - she nourishes and prepares soil for growth. It is also a name of the Tree where Buddha was enlightened. And together (Gayatri) they pronounce an auspicious mantra of a goddess that represents the ultimate unchanging reality that lies behind all phenomena. This is why we have chosen this auspicious name that symbolizes the inner growth toward wisdom.

GaiaTreeYoga Teacher Training Retreat will provide a retreat environment for your learning and practice process, where Yoga method will be presented and practiced in depth. What you need is patience, sincerity and effort. The rest will unfold naturally and gracefully.

If you are a serious yoga student, yoga teacher or on your way to be a yoga teacher – this training is for you.

Join us in a sacred Bali for this very special moment,

Shanti ommm…

GaiaTreeYoga Team

Katiza Satya